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Why Does the Body Produce Fat?

Why does the body produce fat?

Did you know that the Bible strongly advises against eating the fat and blood of an animal? In fact, in Leviticus chapter 7 and verse 23 says: “you shall not eat any fat . . . you shall by no means eat it” . . . and in verse 26 it says, “you shall not eat any blood in any of your dwellings.”

Why would God be so adamant against the eating of specifically the fat and the blood? To find that answer lets review a little on what fat is and how it is produced.

When you eat the fat or the blood of the animal, think now about what you are consuming. Ever heard the old adage ‘you are what you eat?’ Your body takes in the toxins from these animals an

d assimilates them into the body! Furthermore, overeating or eating too often increases the amount of dietary fats and can increase the fats in the blood, fermentation in the stomach, and overall toxins throughout the body.

God Bless You!

Bible references in New King James Version

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