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Wound Stitching Powder

Your one-stop-shop for healing all kinds of minor to medium wounds. This powder will increase the rate of healing as well as reduce scarring of the damaged area. It is so simple, it should be in every home.


  • 1 part Comfrey

    • Also known as “the Knit-bone Herb,” comfrey helps to reduce inflammation and control bleeding. It contains allantoin which aids cell proliferation or growth. It is also an expectorant (helping to clear mucous) and astringent (firming and strengthening body tissues).

  • 1 part Slippery Elm

    • Used for its “mucilaginous” properties, meaning that it has a sticky property that allows it to coat surfaces. Paired with comfrey it aids the healing process.

  • 1 part Myrrh root

    • Used for its antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties , Myrrh is great at cleaning and keeping the area free from infection.

  • ½ part Bayberry root

    • Used mostly for its astringent properties to help control inflammation.

  • ¼ part Garlic

    • Used for its alterative nature (blood purifier), natural antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Garlic helps stimulate the immune system while purifying the blood.

To make this healing concoction, simply mix the ingredients in their powdered forms. From there you can use it as a dry powder or mix in a little oil or water to make a paste. Whether it is in dry or paste form you can apply it directly to the wound and cover. Remove the bandage daily to check for infection and to reapply as needed. Sit back and watch as God heals through these simple, natural remedies!

-original powder called “People’s Paste” found in “Be Your Own “Doctor” by Rachel Weaver M.H.

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1 Comment

Goy Both
Goy Both
Nov 01, 2023

Wow! Praise God!

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